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Energy: Clemson Energy Initiative

This guide covers Clemson and library resources relating to many aspects of energy

Clemson's Energy Elective Tracks

If you're interested in learning about energy, Clemson offers programs and courses to help expand your energy awareness.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

The Global Footprint Network has put together a quick and easy quiz to help you determine your carbon footprint. They also provide tips to reducing your energy consumption and living a greener life.

Striving for Net Neutrality

Clemson is doing all that it can to meet the goal of net neutrality by 2030 while cutting our energy consumption 20% by 2020. By using a combination of energy initiatives and sustainability projects, Clemson is getting greener every day.

Take Clemson's Energy Pledge!

Pledge your support to help reduce Clemson's carbon footprint and achieve net neutrality by 2030! Check out the Clemson Energy Pledge today!

New Sustainability Minor

Clemson is now offering a minor in sustainability! Read more about it in The Tiger News.

Clemson's Solar Arrays

As part of Clemson's goal of reducing our energy consumption, solar panels on campus buildings are in use to help meet energy needs. Check out the live solar stats!