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Library Research for CEDC: Write

The Thesis

A strong academic paper has a strong argument. A thesis statement will keep your paper focused, persuasive, and interesting.

Think about your topic. Read through your sources. Then consider:

  • What's your position?
  • How can you support that argument with your research and interpretation?

 For help formulating a thesis, make an appointment at the Writing Center and check out these online resources:


Schedule a Writing Consultation

Come to the Academic Success Center (Room 307) or to the satellite location in the Cooper Library Learning Commons

Call (864) 656-3280 or schedule an appointment

Avoiding Plagiarism

Grammar and Writing Resources

Sneaky Librarian Tricks

* Start in the middle.  After you construct your thesis statement, jump right in!  Write the intro and conclusion last.

* Remember the

KISS Principle - Keep It Simple, Students! 

* Cut out unnecessary words.

* Don't use a big word if a small one will do.

* Use active verbs.