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Web of Science: Cite Sources

Citing Your Sources

There are many citation styles that are used in the engineering and science disciplines, and the College of Engineering and Science at Clemson. Each is a little different, but they generally follow similar patterns. Consult your professor to see which one you should use.  Here are several of the most popular citation styles for writing research papers and lab reports in Engineering, and a Guide that will take you to a more complete list:

Downloading References from Web of Science into RefWorks

Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)

For Direct Export:

Note:  The Save to RefWorks button only appears if Thomson Reuters has enabled it for your institution. Contact your local librarian for more information.

1. Select the record(s) to include in the output.

2. Select the data to include in each record from the Output Records section (step 2) that appears at the bottom of the page.

3. Click Save to RefWorks to open the Processing Records page and to launch the export application.

4. If JavaScript is enabled on your machine, then the export process will automatically start. Do not close your browser or click the Return button until processing completes. If JavaScript is not enabled, click Export to proceed. Depending on the browser that you are using, a series of dialog boxes will appear. Follow the instructions to proceed.  Once processing is completed a new window will open with the RefWorks login screen.

5. Log into RefWorks.

6. Your records should appear in the Last Imported Folder.

To Manually Save and Export Records:

Note:  If the records you wish to export from WOS are on a single search results page, you can bypass instructions 2 through 5 below.  Simply mark your records, select the fields to include in the export, select Save to other Reference Software in the drop-down and click the Save button in the Step 3 area at the bottom of the page.  Import the file following the instructions starting at #6 below.

1.  From your search results, select the items you wish to save by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the appropriate citation(s) and clicking on the Add to Marked List button located at the top or bottom of the screen.

2.  Click on the Marked List link when you are ready to export.

3.  On the Marked Records page in the Step 1 area, select the fields you want to include in the export.

4. In the Step 2 area, leave the Field Tagged option for Save to File and select the Other Reference Software and click the Save to File button.

5. You will be prompted to save a .txt file to your computer.  Click Save and choose an appropriate drive and file name. Click Save, then Close.

6. Log in to RefWorks.

7. Select References/Import from the toolbar.

8. Select Thomson Reuters as the data source and Web of Science as the database.

9. Browse to find the text file you saved to your computer.

10. Click Import.

11. Your records should appear in the Last Imported Folder.


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