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BioE 4010: Senior Design (Desjardins): Articles

Keyword Search Tips

Too many hits? Limit by subject - usually there is a list of subject links on one side of the screen. 

The same tricks to help you find books in the catalog, will help you find articles

  • connect synonyms with the word or to get more results

 (heart or cardiac)

  • put quotes around phrases "medical device"
  • truncate terms to get all possible endings

surg*  (finds surgery, surgeries, surgeon, surgical, etc.)

  • combine keywords or phrases with the word and to help limit and focus your results:

 (orthopedic or orthopaedic) and surg*

  • if your first search isn't great, revise it until you get what you want!

First Stop Resources

Other Key Databases

SciFinder Scholar

To use SciFinder Scholar, you must first register to create a personal account, using a valid Clemson email address. Click on the Register Now button below to begin this process.

If you already have a SciFinder account, click on the Sign-in button below to log in and begin searching.

Registered Users:                              First-time Users:

SciFinder Web Log-in        SciFinder Web Registration

         (requires on-campus IP address)


Where's the Article?

If the full-text  is not available in the database, click on the Search for articles button.

You can find the article electronically (from an individual subscription or another database) or in print.

If the article is not available, you may request it from Interlibrary Loan. It's fast, and it's free!