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Advanced Google Searching: Google Tools


Use Google images to locate pictures and clip art from all over the web!  There are even ways to drag and drop images into the search bar to find similar images. You can limit to colors, sizes, and dates.

Hint: To try to avoid copyright violations, I usually include Wikimedia Commons in my search: earth Wikimedia commons.  Don’t know that what you find is guaranteed copyright free, but you can usually find the photo credit to include. You can also search in Flickr for Creative Commons images.

Google Docs

Create, share, and collaborate on the web with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.


Tools on Google Homepage


Find recipes in foreign languages (what could be better than an Italian pasta recipe?!) or translate foreign phrases.


Get the latest trends on the stock market using this tool.

Google Sites

Use this tool to:

  • Create websites with ease using pre-built templates
  • Host group wikis
  • Share information with groups, classes, or family