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Advanced Google Searching: Google Scholar

Get Started!

Here's a link to Google Scholar that will take you through the libraries' proxy server and give you direct access to our holdings:

Set up your Scholar Preferences

  • Go to Google Scholar and select "Settings" at the top of the page (looks like a cog).
  • Notice at the bottom of the page under "Bibliography Manager", you can "Show Links to Export Into:" If you choose RefWorks, you can export straight from Scholar into this bibliography manager!
  • Click on Library Links to the left.
  • Search for Clemson and check all boxes
  • Start your search!

Tips for using Scholar

Notice you can:

  • limit to a specific time frame
  • link to articles that cite that article
  • link to full-text versions at Clemson
  • set up email alerts to let you know when new material is discovered
  • use RefWorks to import records straight from Scholar!

Google Scholar screenshot with search refinements circled