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LIB 3010: Patent Searching (Comfort): Presentations - 2/13

Description of Assignment

LIB 3010 Group Assignment

Due February 13, 2018

15 points total

There are a number of patent databases that are freely available on the interwebs.  We will spend a lot of time using databases from the USPTO and Google.  But we won’t have time to try all of the others.  Instead, I have assigned each of you to a group, and each group will evaluate a different database.  I put groups together somewhat randomly, trying to mix students from different years and different majors.  If you would like to change your group it is fine with me, as long as you can find another student who is willing to switch.

The Assignment:

Prepare a short presentation on how to search the database you have been assigned.  There must be some sort of a “deliverable.”  This can take the form of a shared google doc, a Word document, a Prezi, a PowerPoint, a poster, or a short video.  Whatever format it takes, it must be accessible by me, using a Dell pc.  This will also count as your “Critical Thinking Artifact,” a requirement for this CT2 course.  Feel free to incorporate any training materials – including videos – that are available.  The goal here is to evaluate the resource and communicate the features/benefits without reinventing the wheel. 

You will be evaluated as a group on how well you cover these topics (12 points):

  • How to access the database – who is the organization behind it? Are they reputable? Do you have to create an account to use the database?  Any features not free?
  • How to do a simple search – can you link to full patent?  Can you download?
  • How to do an advanced search and/or advanced features – can you search patents and applications at the same time?  Can you export records into excel?
  • Features of the database that are unique or better than other databases we have used
  • Would you recommend using this database as part of a patent search, why or why not

Each group member must make contributions, but it is NOT a requirement that everyone speaks.  You can work that out amongst yourselves.  Each group member will also have a chance to evaluate the contributions of each of their teammates. (3 points)

This is a total of 15 points.  A complete rubric with details will be provided well before the due date.

Timing: Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes long, but absolutely no longer than 7 minutes.  When you reach 5 minutes, a buzzer will sound and you must stop – even if you are in the middle of a sentence.

Audience: Your audience is your classmates, and me.  Since we will know a bit about patents and patent searching, you won’t have to go into great depth on background information.  Focus on the database, its primary features and benefits, how to use it, and how it might fit into an overall patent searching strategy.

Group 1 (FPO)

Imani Anderson

Zachary Ballard

Austin Burdette

Ryan Lagroon

Grant Sullens

Group 2

Patent Lens

Mickey Creighton

Justin Free

Ian Stewart

Sam Woody

Group 3


Ryan Barrett

Benjamin Graham

Emily Keuster

Matthew Samstag

Group 4


Chase Fletcher

Jess Lloyd

Mitchell Madsen

Skyler Ward

Taylor West