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Chemical Production & Market Information: Production & Reaction Mechanisms

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SciFinder: part of the process

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Scifinder Search Strategy

  1. Click on the Explore Substances icon

  2. Type the name of the chemical

  3. Click on Substance identifier

  4. Click on the Get Commercial Sources icon (which looks like a red flask) in the Substances bar. 

This will list the suppliers of your chemical, complete with links to their contact information and website.

There is a ton of other information about the chemical. Click on Get References, and then limit your results to the subject you are interested in, such as Preparation, Properties, Uses, etc. When viewing the results screen, use the facets on the right to narrow your results.

Search Strategy for e-Books

When searching an electronic encyclopedia or a collection of electronic books, keep these things in mind:

  • Use books for background, and magazine/journal articles for more detailed information
  • Books are more general than articles, so your search should also be more general
  • Chemicals can be referred to in several ways.  Instead of just looking for polyethylene glycol, look also for polyethylene oxide or polyoxyethylene or Carbowax (a trade name).

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