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Genetics & Biochemistry: SciFinder

What is SciFinder?

SciFinder provides access to the world’s most reliable and largest collection of chemical substances, reactions and references. A global network of scientists updates content daily.

  • Get substances – access the world’s most trusted resource for substance information including chemical structures, chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers, properties, commercial availability and regulatory information.
  • Get reactions – find dependable and current chemical reaction information including reaction schemes, experimental procedures, conditions, yields, solvents, catalysts, as well as commercial availability of substances.
  • Get references – get the most up-to-date chemistry and related science information found in journals, patents, dissertations and more. SciFinder searches both CAplus (Chemical Abstracts Plus) and MEDLINE

SciFinder Registration and Sign-In

To use SciFinder, you must first register to create a personal account, using a valid Clemson email address. Click on the Register Now button below to begin this process.

If you already have a SciFinder account, click on the Sign-in button below to log in and begin searching.

Access to SciFinder is limited to current Clemson faculty, staff, and students.

Registered Users:                                            First-time Users:

SciFinder Web Log-in                            SciFinder Web Registration

                             (requires an on-campus IP address)


SciFinder Mobile

You can now use your smartphone to access SciFinder! 

There's no app to download and no IP address restrictions; just point the Web browser on your smartphone to or scan this QR code, then log in with your username and password:

                                                     SciFinder Mobile QR code

More information is available on CAS' SciFinder Mobile page.