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STEM Education: Finding Articles

Keyword Search Tips

Keyword searching (generally) works best for finding articles on a topic

If you get too many results, try limiting to a particular subject - usually there is a list of subject links on one side of the screen. 

    The same tricks to help you find books in the catalog, will help you find articles

      • truncate terms to get all possible endings

                     mentor* (finds mentor, mentors, mentoring, etc.)

      • put quotes around phrases "higher education"
      • connect synonyms with the word or to get more results

         (college or "higher education")

        • combine keywords or phrases with the word and to help limit and focus your results:

        STEM and mentor*

        Put it all together:

        (college or "higher education") and  STEM and mentor*

        • if your first search isn't great, revise it until you get what you want!

        Suggested Databases

        Conference Proceedings