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Bioengineering: Get Started

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Choose your Database

  • Medline is a great place to start.  It has a huge selection of articles on medical topics from a large variety of medical journals.
  • Web of Science Core Collection is another great scientific database, with articles from top tier research journals in all fields of study.  It also has some specialized features (see below).
  • Engineering Village is a VERY comprehensive database covering engineering aspects of your topic.  It covers all of the engineering disciplines, and a huge selection of journals and conference proceedings.
  • You may also want to look for books on your topic.  Books are great for background information.  If there is a book published on your topic, you want to know about it.

Search Strategies

Start with a keyword search (see the keyword search tips sheet on the Find Articles page for some suggestions)

  • Start off with a broad search, and use the database filters to narrow your results
  • Once you have identified a relevant article, "mine" the data to adjust your search, and/or add search terms

Follow up with a specialized search

  • subject search - limit your keyword searches to just the subject field.  Or use the filters to select subject terms from a list.
  • cited reference search - once you have found a relevant article, look for newer articles that cite it.  This is only available in the Web of Science Core Collection database.
  • listed references - don't forget to check the reference list at the end of the article to identify articles that those authors consulted.

Bioengineering Librarian

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